Welcome Aboard

Over the last few weeks I have been reaching out to businesses around Mountain Home. I wanted to see if there was anything I could help with.

I was met by a repeated complaint that business has been slow around town. It was also clear no one wanted my services. I believe most businesses around town could benefit from them.

Starting now I am putting all of my standard services on the back burner. If you want to hire It’s Just Anthony for anything I’ll have a contact form available, or you can email me.

Instead of selling my services directly I will seek ways to support my business while helping the businesses of Mountain Home grow and prosper.

How I Can Help

If your small business is in Mountain Home and you need a basic WordPress website you should email me. I will set you up with web hosting for no charge. It’s the least I can do, literally.

In addition: It’s Just Anthony is currently developing software and applications to benefit Mountain Home businesses. Stay tuned for the free WordPress plugins and mobile apps I am working on.

Finally: I have scrapped my sales pages from this website and am refocusing it on what matters to me: providing help and resources to those who need it.

If this is my platform I want to use it to help others.