Namecheap: My Favorite Shared Web Host

I’ve been developing websites for over twenty years. In that time I have used a slew of hosting options for any number of clients, and myself. I must have used just about every major shared web host out there over the years.

When it comes to choosing a favorite shared web host there’s a ton to consider, and the options seem to be endless.

Read on to find out why Namecheap is my preferred shared web hosting provider.

What I look for in shared web hosting.

Whether hosting my own sites or purchasing space for clients I am typically looking for the same features from my web host:

  • Hard Drive Space and Type
    • Don’t just jump to the “unlimited” disk space offers, take a look and see whether the offering has enough space for your needs.
      • My average hosting accounts use less than 5gb of disk space, so you might not need as much as you think.
    • As a bonus, look for shared web hosting that offers SSD disk space.
  • Number of sites hosted
    • Again, don’t just jump to the “unlimited” offers, you may not ever host more than one site.
    • Consider your needs before you look at the offers on the table.
  • Bandwidth
    • Unless you know how much you need, this can be tough to gauge.
    • On the other hand: if you don’t know how much you need, you probably don’t need much.
  • SSL
    • Are certificates included with hosting?
    • How hard are they to install?
  • Installers, Addons, and cPanel
    • Managing websites can be a chore without cPanel, or an alternative.
    • Installers, like Scriptaculous, make building websites a snap.
    • What additional features do they offer?

What other web hosts have I used?

In the past I have used most major web hosting companies on the market.

For the record: I have chosen a few repeatedly because they continue to have the best offerings for me. Those are Namecheap, GoDaddy, InMotion, and HostGator.

If you have a small business, especially with e-commerce, and need help with your marketing and SEO: the packages from GoDaddy are a little expensive but perfect for you.

If you are starting a business, running a personal website, or looking to host multiple sites for various purposes: I prefer Namecheap, but HostGator and InMotion frequently have competitive offerings.

Why Namecheap is my favorite shared web host.

Looking back to my list of wants, Namecheap offers shared web hosting that has it all.

  • SSD hard drives with unlimited space
  • Unlimited hosted websites
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificates
    • Their cPanel plugin makes SSL certificate installation a snap!
  • cPanel, Scriptaculous, and more.

When I add that to their price point, it’s an offering that can’t be beat for my needs.

If you’re coming from another host Namecheap offers free site migrations.

And that can save you a lot of headaches.

Finally, as an added bonus, their support and performance are both top tier.

Honestly: whether you’re launching a personal blog or a business site Namecheap has an offer for you.

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