Why Affiliate Marketing Should Be Your Next Side Hustle

It’s no secret that I have had hard times in the past. I am pretty open about struggling financially. What you might not know is that when I was struggling the hardest, I was still able to make money with affiliate marketing.

Despite not being able to maintain enough hours for a regular job I was earning hundreds each month with the words I wrote.

That was pretty powerful and makes me want to help others with it.

7 Reasons to Start Affiliate Marketing Today

7. Be Your Own Boss

Listen I won’t lie: I hate working for other people. I love working but I struggle when I don’t have full autonomy and control over my work.

It’s not just that I’m difficult or a diva: I struggle with mental health issues that make it hard to exist in a normal work environment.

Many others of you might discover late in life that you have ADHD or are bipolar and wonder if there’s anything you can do to support yourself.

The answer is yes, affiliate marketing is a great way to add income without having to answer to a boss.

6. Work From Anywhere

Especially important during a pandemic is the ability to work from home. Affiliate marketing is done entirely at your pace from your ideal workspace.

If you need to feel a breeze to feel creative you can work from a park. If you need to brainstorm with an adult beverage, there’s no one around to wonder why you have booze at your desk.

And, as I mentioned above, if you struggle in a regular work environment it can really be a life saver.

Working from home allows me to produce my best work when I feel my best.

5. Set Your Own Hours

When you’re working from home or coffee shops you can set your own hours.

Sure, you might need to schedule the occasional meeting or make some phone calls during “banking hours” like everyone else. But: you are no longer tied to a normal 9-5 schedule, which might not work well for you.

I have trouble falling, and staying, asleep. Sometimes I will work all night and sleep through my mornings instead.

If I didn’t have the freedom to work when I was best able to, I would barely get any work done at all.

Instead I was able to launch multiple successful companies.

4. Earn Money for Work Over and Over

With regular jobs you do work and are paid for your time. With affiliate marketing, and other side hustles, you are putting in work without any guarantee of a paycheck.

But to compensate: once you start making money from your articles and content you can continue making money on it for years to come.

That means you can write an article and still be making money off of it next year.

Try that with your boss.

3. Low Investment

The only thing you really need to start affiliate marketing is time.

As long as you are willing to put the time and effort in you can earn money with affiliate marketing.

The tools you’ll need to grow and track stats are relatively cheap.

Websites are a dime-a-dozen commodity these days, social media accounts are free, email accounts are free, and most affiliate related software is affordable.

I was earning money when we were living in a truck bed camper, sleeping on BLM land each night because it was free.

2. Work on Your Passions

My affiliate site was about TMJ, a painful disorder that my wife suffers.

I was passionate about bringing good information to the public since it was hard to find. I would write about massages and stretches to try when I found ones that worked.

The point is I was passionate about the topic.

I was able to make money learning how to help my wife.

That’s pretty awesome.

1. Make Money with Your Hobbies

When you can earn money doing anything, even your hobbies can start paying for themselves.

There are affiliate programs for all sorts of products of every size, shape, and type.

You can be an affiliate for toys, model trains, tractors, and even music or software.

Anything you do can end up earning you money, and I’d like to help you out.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra money. It can even lead to a full time career in affiliate marketing.

If I can earn money undiagnosed and untreated for ADHD you can too, if you put in the time and work.

A rundown of affiliate marketing is beyond the scope of this article, but if you’re interested you should start reading Neil Patel.

He’s one of the most prolific, and well respected, authors in the space.

You can also sign up for one of the best available affiliate programs through my link here.

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